Chicago & Southern Air Lines   Lockheed 10-B Electra  NC14962    (c/n  1040)


                                                 The above is a rare photograph and illustrates a Lockheed 10-B which Chicago & Southern
                                                 acquired from Eastern Air Lines in 1937 to augment the fleet of new ones it purchased from
                                                 Lockheed the previous year.   The more commonly illustrated image of one of these (NC16022
                                                 - c/n 1057) appears below.   The Electras were the "latest thing" in luxury air transport at the
                                                 time and their introduction was a sign of how well Carleton Putnam's service was being received
                                                 on "The Valley Level Route" between Chicago and New Orleans.  The Electras were to soldier
                                                 on until replaced by the DC-3 in 1940.  C & S's color scheme was an orange cheatline and nose
                                                 cone outlined in black.