Chamberlin Air Lines  Curtiss CO Condor  NC727K         (c/n   5)


                                            Founded by the famous aviator Clarence Chamberlin, this airline ran a service from New York to
                                            Boston via Hartford in 1933-34.   Chamberlin had made his mark by flying a passenger (Jewish
                                            multi-millionaire Charles A. Levine) across the Atlantic just days after Lindbergh's solo flight.  Not
                                            only did Chamberlin cross the Atlantic, but he flew considerably further, landing some 40 miles short
                                            of Berlin.   There is some identity mix up with the identity of his air line.  Officially it was named
                                            New York & New England Airways, but clearly it flew for a while as Chamberlin Air Lines. 
                                            When the Depression forced him out of the scheduled airline business, Chamberlin took his fleet
                                            of four Condors on a barnstorming tour around the country.