Central Airlines  Stinson A  NC15106     (c/n  9106)

                              Central Airlines was formed on 31 May 1934 with a route from Washington, D.C. to Detroit, via
                              Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Akron, Ohio.   It was awarded Air Mail Route14 under the new air mail
                              contracts issued in April 1934.   To service the route, 5 new Stinson Model As were purchased.
                              Photographs of these machines for some reason, are extremely hard to come by.  Above is the
                              most definitive one I have, and, although showing just how the mail was carried in the wings, does
                              not reveal which specific machine it is.   The five aircraft were registered NC15106 through NC15110.
                              Since all the other (poor) images have I have seen of their Stinsons have all depicted NC15106 I
                              assume the detail cropped image above is of that aircraft.  Below are seen two other illustrations.
                              The upper one is from a 1936 aviation publication advertisement for the B.G. Corporation, a manu-
                              facturer of spark plugs carrying a testimonial from the airline about how great their plugs were.  The
                              lower image is from a set of cigarette cards I possess showing "between the wars" airliners, and
                              following that, the photograph (from the Austin Brown collection) from which it was extracted..
                              Central Airlines merged with Pennsylvania Airlines on 1 November 1936 to form  Pennsylvaian
                              Central Airlines.