Central Airlines  Douglas DC-3  N49541                   (c/n  7340)


                                            When Central became serious about adding passengers to their routes, clearly the Bonanzas
                                            were not hacking it.....not only that, but even in those days, if a passenger showed up for a flight
                                            and was pointed towards a Bonanza on the ramp, that might be the last time one would book with
                                            that airline!   Consequently a modest fleet of DC-3s was acquired in 1950.  This shot, circa 1953
                                            was made at the time when miniscule registrations on the fin were the order of the day.  On the
                                            original print I can assure you that it is, in fact, N49541.  This aircraft was an ex C-53D-DO (a
                                            civilian destined machine) built in 1942 and immediately impressed into the USAAF with serial
                                            number 42-15545.    Central's route system at that time was from Fort Worth north into Oklahoma.
                                            This was later expanded into services into Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.