Caribair  Convair 640   N3417                                 (c/n  48)

                                  In 1965 Caribair began converting its Convair 340s into Convair 640s by retro-fitting them with
                                  Rolls-Royce Dart R.Da.10/1 turbo-props.   The old orange cheat line was replaced at that time with
                                  the blue and white livery seen above.   Not one of the more popular conversions, CV640s were
                                  only flown in the U.S. (originally) by Hawaiian and Caribair.   At about that time C.A.B. authority
                                  was granted permitting route extensions throughout the West Indies as far afield as Trinidad. The
                                  photo above, from the William W. Sierra collection, was taken at San Juan Airport in 1969.