Capital Airlines  Douglas DC-3S "Super DC-3"  N16019   (c/n   43193)


                                 In the late 1940s Douglas decided to update the DC-3 as a sort of Convairliner competitor.  Only
                                 three machines were ever converted for civil use, although the US Navy did convert about 100
                                 R4D-5s and D-6s to R4D8 "Super" status.  Capital was the only airline to use them and did so for
                                 just a couple of years. N16109 was built as a DC-3-178 for American Airlines in 1936 (c/n 1557).
                                 Capital had it converted by Douglas.  The cost was about half that of a new Convair 340 - but then,
                                 it was about half the aircraft when done!