Canadian Colonial Airways   Douglas DC-2   CF-BPP            (c/n  1411)


                                         I have been seeking photographs of Canadian Colonial Airways Douglas DC-2s for over thirty
                                         years now.   I have bits and pieces of some......noses, tails, etc., but nothing of the whole aircraft.
                                         In fact, it was only in 2009 that enthusiast Mike Sparkman provided me with a shot of one of their
                                         DC-3s (see following entry).            The above drawing came from the Blue Mountain Hobbies
                                         Whiskey Jack decal website and is very nicely done, albeit that it is a modified DC-3 rather than
                                         a true DC-2 (note absence of nose landing lights).       Clearly I would give major body parts to
                                         acquire some good quality actual photographs of CCA DC-2s.     I am beginning to think that no
                                         one ever took photographs of them.  The original Canadian Colonial Airways was absorbed into
                                         American Airways in 1930.      In 1934, when the air mail bids were reopened to the airlines,
                                         American spun off its Colonial Division into a new seperate airline, although retained a controlling
                                         interest. .  Its main route was from NewYork to Montreal.   CF-BPP was ex NC14925 and, not
                                         surprisingly, was a former American Airlines machine.  When first imported into Canada it became
                                         CF-BLL but was re-registered for some reason..  This appears to be the only aircraft to bear a CF-
                                         registration, the other three being NC registered.