Canadian Colonial Airways  Pitcairn PA-7S  NC10377    (c/n  153)


`                                          This was a late model Pitcairn delivered in 1930.  By that time Canadian Colonial had become
                                           part of the Colonial Airways Corporation, controlled by AVCO.   This division was soon to
                                           be merged into American Airlines.  It evolved again in 1934 as a separate airline after the air
                                           mail routes had been re-awarded.    This Pitcairn is rare in that it was still fitted with the NACA
                                           low-drag cowling when this shot was taken.  Most Super Mailwings had them removed.  Not
                                           only that, but this is a model PA-7S (sport, with the 3 seat open cockpit) rather than a model
                                           7M (mail carrying version with the faired over front cockpit).  It would appear, therefore, that
                                           this aircraft was a restoration painted up in this fashion after the name change to Colonial Airlines
                                           in 1942.   Had it been in original markings (i.e. when AVCO took over) it would have carried
                                           Colonial Airways legends.