Canadian Colonial Airways  Fairchild FC-2  CF-AHG     (c/n  138)


                                        Canadian Colonial was founded on 1 October 1928 and was awarded Foreign Air Mail (FAM)
                                        Route # 1 from New York to Montreal.   Initially all of its aircraft were registered in Canada
                                        (I am not entirely sure where the corporation was registered).  In 1929 it became a division of the
                                        Colonial Airways Corporation (and in 1929 was bought out by AVCO, the holding company of
                                        American Airways) and after that all machines were US registered.   The earlier shot below shows
                                        a close up of another FC-2, this one evidently registered in the early Canadian G-C series.  Looks
                                        like G-CAVN.    I have no idea who the worthies were.