California Central Airlines Martin 2-0-2  N93052    (c/n  9142)


     In 1951 California Central Airlines acquired five Martin 2-0-2s from Northwest.  N93052 seen
                                    above in this image from the William T. Larkins collection, was named "City of San Francisco".
                                    The shot below illustrates clearly the integral rear staircase of the Martin 2-0-2.  This entry way
                                    cut down on the number of ground crew required to service the aircraft at quick stops.  By this
                                    time California Central were billing themselves as the "Air Lounge" line.  Unfortunately they couldn't
                                    remain profitable with their $9.99 one way Oakland to Burbank fare, and went bankrupt in 1954.
                                    The airline did, nevertheless prove that the public were ready for such no frills service and were,
                                    in fact, a forerunner of the likes of today's Southwest and Jet Blue.  Three of Martin fleet went to
                                    Allegheny Airlines.  At the foot of the page is a Bill Larkins color shot, showing the very attractive
                                    livery worn by these Martins.

                                     N93057    Martin 2-0-2                                                      (c/n  9135A)


                              N93045    Martin 2-0-2                                                      (c/n  9166)