California Central Airlines   Lockheed 12A  N71K                 (c/n    1204)


                                        California Central Airlines commenced operations as an intra-state airline in 1949.  It advertised
                                        a $9.99 (plus tax) fare from Burbank to Oakland (and $5.55 from Burbank to San Diego).  These
                                        were bargain prices, even in 1949 money.   N71K was originally built for the FAA as NC1 and
                                        also served as NS17.   The shot above was taken at Oakland, and aircraft was named " Little Nik"
                                        at the time.  Note Martin 2-0-2 (unpainted) in the background.  So far as is known it was the only
                                        one of its type operated by CCA and was quickly replaced by a DC-3.    It later went, briefly, to
                                        Southwest Airways.   N71K is currently at Disneyworld in Orlando, where it is masquerading as
                                        the "Lockheed from the Movie Casablanca".    (In actual fact, that machine was almost certainly
                                        NC17376   -   c/n 1220).