California Central Airlines  Douglas DC-3    N12935               (c/n 6335)


                                         California Central Airlines was one of the airlines owned and operated by Col. Charles Sherman. 
                                         His holding company was Airline Transport Carriers (who also owned California Hawaiian Airlines),
                                         and ATC flew as a non-scheduled airline in its own right from 1947 to 1949.  Upon receiving its
                                         intra-state certificate it was renamed California Central.   The above shot was taken by Bill Larkins
                                         at Oakland in 1953.   N12935 was built in 1942 to an Eastern Air Lines order (was to have been
                                         NC30033) but the intervention of WW II had it diverted to the USAAF as a C-49K-DO (43-2010).
                                         It also served with Ozark Airlines as N148D.