Britt Airways  British Aircraft Corporation BAC-111   N392BA       (c/n  131)


                                  The ultimate aircraft to appear in Britt livery was the BAC-111.  Two were purchased in the mid
                                  1980s to provide more capacity on the heavier routes.  There were retro fitted with Stage-II Hush
                                   Kits (for which Britt owned the U.S. Patent).   N392BA, seen above at O'Hare in October of
                                  1986 in this image by Gary C. Orlando had originally been built for UK charter line Court Line
                                   (known originally as Autair) as G-AVOF.    It flew with several independents after that (including
                                   Air Manchester, when it was briefly re-registered G-BMAN), although had reverted to G-AVOF
                                   with the manufacturer as a trade-in when Britt bought it.    Meanwhile, Bill Britt had sold his airline
                                   in 1985 to PeoplExpress and in 1988 closed its Chicago-O'Hare operation.  American Eagle bought
                                   his gates and departure slots.   In 1987 the PeoplExpress/PBA/Britt compendium was bought out
                                   by the Texas Air Group consisting of Continental and Eastern.    By 1989 Britt's entire operation
                                   was absorbed into Continental Express.  As ExpressJet, Britt's legacy survives to this day.