Boston-Maine/Central Vermont Airways Lockheed 10-A Electra  NC16056  (c/n 1070)


                                     This rare photograph is from the Leo J. Kohn collection.   On 1 March 1937 Boston-Maine/Central
                                     Vermont purchased National Airways (no relation to the company of the same name operating out of
                                     Florida).  This concern had routes in Maine and on up to Montreal.  They had acquired two Lockheed
                                     Electras (NC16055 and -56) which then passed to Boston-Maine/Central Vermont.   During WW II
                                     the airline was required to move its head office away from the coast so the administrative offices,
                                     maintenance hangars, etc, were relocated to Burlington, Vermont.   At this time the company was
                                     engaged in providing instrument flight training with some 15 to 20 Stinson SR-9 Reliants.  The airline
                                     operation was curtailed to one air mail run using one of the Gullwing Stinsons, since the Electras
                                     were impressed into service with the U.S. Army Air Corps.  NC16056 became a C-36A with serial
                                     number 42-57215.