Bonanza Air Lines  Fairchild F-27A   N145L    (c/n  29)


                                           In 1957 Bonanza ordered six new Fairchild F-27s, dubbing them "Silver Darts", in deference
                                           no doubt to the Rolls Royce power plants. Options on another seven was exercised in the
                                           early 1960s.   By the time the first (N145L above) was delivered in January of 1959,  Bonanza
                                           had been granted a Los Angeles to Las Vegas route (albeit with a stop in Ontario) in direct
                                           competition with Western Air Lines.  To compensate for the stop in Ontario, the fare was
                                           considerably lower,  In fact, in order conserve my non-rev passes (I worked for Western at
                                           the time) I would frequently fly Bonanza's F-27s to 'Vegas.    In 1964 all the Fairchilds were
                                           re-registered in the N74xx series, N145L becoming N745L.  Not long after, on the evening
                                           of 15 November 1964, N145L was working Flight 114 inbound to McCarren Field, Las Vegas, 
                                           when it struck a mountain southwest of the city.  The visibility was bad at the time and snow was
                                           falling.  All 26 passengers and three crew were killed.    Seen below is a blurry color image
                                           (courtesy Bonanza Air Lines) of a Silver Dart over the landmark Hoover Dam, circa 1959. 

                                           Fairchild F-27A    N149L       (c/n   63)