Bar Harbor Airlines  Beech 1900C   N311BH                              (c/n  UB-16)

                                  So enamored were Bar Harbor with the Beech 99 (I wasn't, as a passenger in them) that when, in
                                  1985 they entered into a code-share agreement with Eastern Airlines, they opted to augment their
                                  fleet of 99s with sixteen or so of this nineteen seat enhanced model 1900C.     In fact, along with
                                  Cascade Airlines, they were the launch customer.   The above shot, by Frank Schaefer was taken
                                  at Naples Municipal Airport in August 1988.  By that time Bar Harbor had merged with PBA and
                                  this machine was being operated on the "Southern System" of this combined network, under the
                                  Eastern Express banner.