Bar Harbor Airlines  Saab-Fairchild SF340A  N404BH                        (c/n  061)


                                     In 1985 Bar Harbor began to operate its flights under a code-share agreement with Eastern Airlines.
                                     When, therefore, in 1986, a fleet of Saab 340As (built under license by Fairchilds) was acquired,
                                     these were delivered in full Eastern Express livery, as seen in the above shot by Rolf Wallner taken
                                     as N404BH was on short finals into Miami International in February of 1989.    In 1987 Texas air
                                     Corporation had acquired a 50% holding of Bar Harbor Airlines and merged its previously acquired
                                     interest in Provincetown-Boston Airline (through its purchase of PEOPLExpress) into the New England
                                     carrier, basically as a subsidiary.    Three hubs were established at Boston, Miami and Philadelphia.
                                     The Miami, or Southern System routes (in which the above Saab was operating) served a network of
                                     cities radiating from Miami mostly in Florida.