Bar Harbor Airlines  CASA C212-200 Aviocar     N350CA                        (c/n  181)       


                                   From 1981 to 1983 Bar Habor Airlines leased five Spanish built CASA 212s from the American
                                   CASA Distributor.  The C212 was a STOL aircraft designed basically for military customers. Civil
                                   certification (at least for the dash 200) came in 1979.    It is difficult to conjecture just why the air-
                                   line management elected to try this type, since they were certainly not commonly employed in the
                                   US commuter industry, although the C212 was a very sound design.   Many are still flying around
                                   the country in various roles (sky diving platforms, etc)  .  Clearly Bar Harbor were seeking an
                                   inexpensive turbo-prop alternative to the still numerous Beech 99s in their invemtory.  The rare shot
                                   above was taken by Dave Cibley at the Worcester, Mass, Regional Airport in 1981.