Tulsa-Oklahoma City Airline    Stinson SM-1 Detroiter    NC1929      (c/n 211)


                                                The first flight of what was to become Braniff Airways was undertaken on 20 June 1928 on the
                                                116 mile route from Oklahoma City to Tulsa using the Stinson Detroiter shown above.  This
                                                model received its type certificate (ATC 16) in 1927.   The airline had three employers, owner
                                                Thomas E. Braniff, pilot Paul Braniff (his brother) and E.E. Westervelt.  On 3 November 1930
                                                the name of the company was changed to Braniff Airways.   In the above shot the pilot is seated,
                                                looking almost as if he's about to 'start engine'.  I hope he remembered that the tail was sitting
                                                on a 55 gal oil drum before taxiing off!