Braniff International Airways  Douglas DC-7C    N5900        (c/n 45068)


                              In 1956 Braniff ordered a fleet of seven Douglas DC-7C airliners.   This was the long range version
                              of the DC-7 dubbed, for obvious reasons, the 'Seven Seas'.  Braniff had (by the standards of the day)
                              some long stage lengths in its South American routes and needed the endurance provided by this, the
                              ultimate of piston engine airliners.  Not only was the DC-7C some 42 inches longer than the DC-7
                              but it also had an additional 10 ft wing span increase.  The above photograph was supplied by Braniff
                              although it depicts the first of the fleet over Long Beach Harbor prior to delivery to Texas.   The lower
                              photograph was taken at Los Angeles Airport (LAX) whilst N5905 was being used on an Interchange
                              service with TWA  in 1957.   The revised livery scheme introduced by this latest addition to the fleet
                              is apparent in both photographs.  .