Aspen Airways  Convair 580   N5815                                         (c/n  78)


                                      In 1979 Aspen changed their livery from the rather plain effort seen in the previous entry to the more
                                      contemporary styling seen on this page.  In keeping with the trend started by Braniff, many different
                                      color schemes were used, all with basically the same pattern.   There were other colors, including a
                                      blue one, but these three will give you a flavor.     Seen above is N5815 about to touch down at
                                      Denver's Stapleton International in October 1982 in this nice action shot by Frank C. Duarte, Jr.
                                      The photo immediately below was taken by Ellis M. Chernoff on a beautiful day at Burbank in Sept-
                                      ember 1980, while the image at the foot of the page is another of Frank's touch-down shots again
                                      at Denver in September 1982.   When Air Wisconsin took over the airline in 1990, the remaining
                                      ten or so Convair 580s passed to the asset register of that company.

                                        Convair 580  N73104                                        (c/n  4)


                                      Convair 580  N5808                                             (c/n  348)