Aspen Airways    Convair 580  N5814                       (c/n  129)


                                        In the mid-1970s, in seeking to upgrade from their Convair 340/440s, Aspen acquired a fleet of
                                        Convair 580s.  These were not reworks of their existing Convairs, but 580s recently converted by
                                        General Dynamics from some old ex-United Convair 340s.   Aspen's own 340s actually continued
                                        with the airline in conjunction with the new 580s for several years before being sold off.  These ex-
                                        United 580s were later augmented with some ex Allegheny 580s resulting in a total employment of
                                        some 16 of  these Allison turbo-propped  airliners at one time or another.    Seen above is N5814
                                        wearing the original Aspen livery, landing at San Diego on an overcast day in May 1977 in this image
                                        by Frank C. Duarte, Jr.