American Airways  Pilgrim 100-A  NC968V         (c/n  6601)


                                            Many long established companies faced bankruptcy in the Great Depression and Fairchild was
                                            no exception.  It was re-organized in 1931 as The American Airplane & Engine Corp (although
                                            was later, of course, to be resurrected as Fairchild).  However, during that period the company
                                            built and delivered a fleet of some 16 of these bulky, 10-passenger monoplanes for its American
                                            Airways division.  Although known as Pilgrims, they were, in reality, Fairchilds.  Power was
                                            supplied by a 575 hp Pratt & Whitney Hornet B engine.  Ugly though it was, this machine served
                                            American's routes profitably and efficiently froim 1931 until they were sold off in 1934 when multi
                                            engined airliners were acquired.