American Overseas Airlines  Lockheed L-049 Constellation  NC90921    (c/n  2051)

                                     Although AOA commenced trans-Atlantic operations with the DC-4, clearly the best airliner for this
                                     route was the Lockheed Constellation, and seven were ordered by the airline earl;y in 1946.  The
                                     images on this page are via Wayne Tudor.  The shot of "Flagship London" above was originally from
                                     American Airlines archives. As far as can be ascertained,  AOA used three different title logos on
                                     their aircraft in a short period of time.  They were: American Airlines System, American Oversea
                                     Airlines and American Overseas Airlines in different lettering styles, although all the aircraft I personally
                                     observed at Heathrow in the late 40s and 50s were liveried as per the machine above. The title change
                                     on the fuselage was accompanied by a change in the lettering below the cockpit.  Initially they were
                                     painted as American Airlines System, per the Lockheed shot below of "Flagship Philadelphia" under
                                     construction in the open at Burbank in 1946.   This scheme appears never to have been used operation-
                                     ally, however.   Also, AOA played name games with their airliners.NC90921 above was originally
                                     named "Flagship Sweden". It then became "Flagship London" and is shown above at La Guardia
                                     displaying that name whilst having its troublesome Wright Duplex Cyclone GR-3350s worked on.
                                     It was then renamed "Flagship Stockholm" and finally "Flagship Mercury". On 25 September 1950,
                                     AOA merged with Pan American who named it "Clipper Jupiter Rex" (one of the many) when they
                                     got hold of it.  

                                     NC90925  Lockheed L-049 Constellation    (c/n  2063)

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