American Airlines Convair 240-0    NC94211            (c/n  20)


                                           "Flagship Tulsa" was the 20th of the brand new Convair-Liners built and the 12th for American Airlines.
                                           It was delivered in February of 1948, and was used to  in 1948 to familiarize stations in the network
                                           with the new type.  American Airlines had, in fact, sponsored the design with Consolidated Vultee and
                                          originally ordered 100 of them.  This was later scaled back to 75.   The aircraft was lauded by the manu-
                                           facturer as "There's nothing finer than the Convair-Liner!"    The aircraft was unique in that a small amount
                                           of thrust augmentation was achieved from the exhaust ports of the two Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double
                                           Wasp engines.  The pressurized cabin sat 40 passengers in relative comfort.  NC94211 was sold after
                                           ten years to Cruzeiro do Sul in Brazil as PP-CEY.