American Airlines Stinson SR-10E Reliant  NC21127                     (c/n  5-5852}


                                       This oft published photo shows one of half a dozen or so Stinson Reliants (of various +marques)
                                       acquired by the airline in 1939 for route survey work.      The image below shows another one.
                                       The Reliants were also used as executive aircraft and for pilot training.        The above image is
                                       courtesy of the RJ Wilmoth collection, whilst mine below came from an American A/L house
                                       journal.      Both shots were taken at Chicago Municipal Airport (later to become Midway)..
                                       Oddly, of the 21 SR-10Es built, it would appear that only one of them was impressed into
                                       the USAAF as a UC-81H.    American's were all sold off in 1942. 

                                         NC21120                  c/n  (5-5851)