American Airlines Douglas DC-6B      N90755            (c/n  43267)


                                        The main differentiating identity difference between the DC-6 and DC-6B was that the latter
                                        had two extra windows in the front of the main cabin windows, clearly seen in the above shot
                                        from American Airlines, circa 1952.   The DC-6B was, in my opinion the very best of all the
                                        Douglas four engine transports (even including the DC-7 series).  They were elegant, comfortable,
                                        well liked by their crews and, above all, economic.  American first put them into service on
                                        29 April 1951.    Interestingly, American was one of the few, if the only airline (at least in the
                                        US) who elected not to paint the tops of their aircraft white.  N90755 was sold in 1967 to the
                                        Mexican national oil company Pemex as XC-TAP.