American Airlines     Convair 990   N5605                                       (c/n  9)


                                         Intrigued by claims that the Convair 880 had a noticeably higher cruising speed than the Boeing
                                         707, American went ahead in August 1958 and placed an order for a number of them, planning to
                                         use them in an all first class configuration.  American's model was designated the 990 (the type
                                         as delivered to Swissair, was also known as the Coronado, although AAL did not adopt that name).
                                         N5605 was the first of American's 990s and is seen above in a General Dynamics (Convair) shot
                                         blasting out of Lindbergh Field, San Diego, in 1961.  In the event, the Convair was plagued by
                                         teething problems and did not actually enter American service until 18 March 1962 when they
                                         were used on the New York - Chicago route.  The 990 was a nice airliner as far as passengers
                                         were concerned although overall sales were lacking.  The narrow bodied fuselage and limited
                                         capacity attributes outweighed the slight increase obtained in cruising speed   Most of American's
                                         fleet of 20 were sold to Spanish carrier Spantax by the end of the 1960s, although N5605 went
                                         to Modern Air Transport.   Below is a rare shot by William T. Larkins of a CVAC 990 in service.
                                         This aircraft, N5601 was actually given the same registration as the prototype, although the aircraft
                                         shown below at San Francisco in October of 1965 is another, later one.  It was not delivered until
                                         January of 1963, the original N5601 having been re-registered to NASA in N711NA.  This N5601
                                         wound up with travel club Denver Ports of Call in 1970.

                                     Convair 990   N5601                                       (c/n 33)