American Airlines Convair 104 Liberator Liner  NX30039                             (c/n 1)


                                        Originally the Consolidated Model 39 for the U.S. Navy as the XR2Y-1 it became the Model
                                        104 when Consolidated merged with Vultee to become Convair.  The aircraft was developed from
                                        the PB4Y-2 Privateer although with a circular type fuselage.       Although a contract for over 250
                                        aircraft was originally made, the marque was cancelled when deficiencies in the original design were
                                        discovered.    The first prototype, seen above in this image from the RJ Wilmoth collection,  was
                                        leased to American Airlines for three months by Convair as a freighter.       It was named "City of
                                        Salinas' since it was operated to fly fresh fruit and vegetables from Salinas, California (the lettuce
                                       capital of the world) and also from El Centro in the Imperial Valley to both New York and Boston.