American Airlines Boeing 737-823  N967AN                        (c/n  29545)


                                       American Airlines ordered over 100 new generation Boeing 737-800s in 1999.  Many, but not
                                       all of these have been delivered and, based on the financial future of this carrier, deliveries of
                                       at least 47 of them have been postponed.   The 737s are operated on routes formerly run by Boeing
                                       727s.  Reid Antonachhio caught this one amid stormy skies at Miami International in November
                                       of 2005.   The type is currently being retro-fitted with "Blended Wingtips" provided by joint venture
                                       sub contrator Aviation Partners Boeing, although this one had not yet received this treatment.  These
                                       eight foot vertical extensions are designed to reduce fuel consumption, improve payload/range and
                                       lower aircraft noise and emissions.  In addition take-off performance is said to be dramatically