Aloha Airlines  Vickers 798  Viscount  N7416                  (c/n 232)


                                      In 1963 Aloha purchased four second hand Viscounts (three 745s from Austrian Airlines, and one
                                      re-numbered 798 from Northeast) to replace their F-27s.  The ex-NEA machine (N6590C) is seen
                                      above in a photo from the Jennifer Gradidge collection wearing an early livery. This machine was orig-
                                      inally to have gone to Capital as N7470 in mid-1957, but, in the event, this sale was not consummated
                                      and the Viscount remained in storage until acquired by NEA a year later.   When passing to Aloha, it
                                      was registered "within their series' so to speak, rather than reverting to its original N7470 and hence
                                      became (the second) N7416.  The lower shot, taken at Kahuluii, Maui in December 1970 by William
                                      T. Larkins illustrates the "floral display" livery used in latter years.   N7415 was written off in August
                                      1971 when a cabin fire started just after landing at Honolulu.  Evidently a nickel-cadmium battery
                                      developed a short.  Although all passengers and crew deplaned safely, the resultant fire was of suff-
                                      icient magnitude to write the aircraft off. 

                                       Vickers 745 Viscount  N7415                                             (c/n 113)