Allegheny Airlines  Martin 2-0-2    N170A                (c/n  9163)


                                           To replace their DC-3s, Allegheny purchased a fleet of Martin 2-0-2 airliners from both Northwest
                                           and TWA in the mid 1950s.   The first of these is shown above and was formerly N93042 with
                                           NWA (delivered in 1947).  It passed first to California Central Airlines as their "City of Oakland"
                                           before going to Allegheny as "The Pennsylvanian".  Although possessing improved performance
                                           over the trusty DC-3s, the Martins were noisy and unpressurized and did not receive universal
                                           passeneger approval.  As a result they were replaced in the 1960s by Convair 340's.  Photo courtesy
                                          of Allegheny Airlines.