Allegheny Airlines Convair 340-47  N8417H                  (c/n 128)


                                          This aircraft was originally built for National Airlines as a Convair 340.  When Allegheny acquired
                                          it in 1960 they had it upgraded to Convair 440 status.  It was later converted to a Convair 580 by
                                          replacing the Pratt and Whitney R-2800 piston engines with Allison 501 turboprops.  This particular
                                          aircraft was involved in an accident at Lancaster, PA in 1965 wherein it overran the runway following
                                          the loss of one engine.  It was rebuilt and became N8425H and then N5805 when it became a
                                          Convair 580.     It was withdrawn from use in Tucson, Arizona in 1984.