Allegheny Airlines  Boeing 727-2B7  N750VJ                  (c/n  20302)


                                  When Allegheny first started considering jets they ordered a couple (literally, two) Boeing 727s.
                                  These went into operation in May of 1970, but the airline not keep them long, and this one was
                                  sold off to Braniff after only a year's service.  I suspect that they had decided, by this time, that
                                  the DC-9 fitted their route structure better.  In the event, they were later to acquire a modest fleet
                                  of 727s from United (in 1978), a year before the name change to USAir.     Shots of 727s in
                                  Allegheny livery are, therefore, rare.   Bob Garrard captured this one at Pittsburgh International
                                  Airport in the summer of 1970.