All American Aviation  Noorduyn Norseman VI  NC33177          (c/n 568)


                                            In 1947 All American thought to increase the capacity of the air mail pick-up operation by
                                            substituting, (or at least augmenting) the Stinsons with a fleet of Noorduyn Norsemans.  In
                                            the event this aircraft did not perform nearly as well as the trusty SC-10Cs and the idea was
                                            dropped..  To my knowledge NC33177 was the only one of its breed to be actually registered
                                            to the company.  It was originally a Mk VI (as I state in the heading) but was converted to
                                            Mk V standard before being delivered to AAA. The pick up gear can be seen under rear fuselage.
                                            Photo from the Gary Ell collection, via Rick Warfel.