All American Aviation  Beech D-18C   NX80011                  (c/n  A-71)


                                     All American Aviation were innovators of not only the Air Mail Pick-up system , bit also worked
                                     with the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) in developing cross-wind landing gear for one of
                                     their three Beech D-18Cs.  The above image, from the Rick Warfel collection, was badly scratched.
                                     I have tried to clean it up somewhat, and append below a close up of the nose showing the titling
                                     indicating AAA's involvement with the project  .  Unfortunately, this particular Beech 18 crashed on
                                     6 December 1947 and was written off.   Not long after this, AAA upgraded to DC-3s and the Twin
                                     Beeches were sold off.