Alaska Southern Airways  Keystone-Loening  K-84 Commuter   NC63K    (c/n  305)

                                     Alaska Southern Airways was founded in 1933 by Nick Bez, a Yugoslavian immigrant who had
                                     made his money from his fish canning business.  Its first aircraft was this  Loening Commuter, manu-
                                     factured in 1929 by the Loening Aeronautical Engineering Co of New York City, a Division of the
                                     Keystone Aircraft Corp.  It had a 300 h.p. Wright J-6 engine.  Originally a fixed-based operator,
                                     Bez eventually started a regular service between Juneau and Seattle, via Ketchikan.   The above
                                     shot is a Lloyd Jarman photograph and depicts the blue and yellow Commuter, named "Kruzof"
                                     at Katalla in Prince William Sound.