Alaska Coastal Airlines Grumman G-21A Goose  N68157         (c/n  1138)


                                               Alaska Coastal Airlines was formed in 1939 as the result of a merger between Alaska Air Transport
                                               and Marine Airways.  It operated local service routes down in the island chain of southeastern Alaska.
                                               This blurry print was received from the airline in 1961 and illustrates the livery of the day.   N68157
                                               was an ex Royal Navy Grumman Goose 1A (BW791) returned to the US under Lend Lease (only the
                                               'useful' aircraft were actually returned - most languished in Europe).  This Goose had previously been
                                               operated by Amphibian Air Transport out of Long Beach, Califormia on the Santa Catalina Island run.
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