Alaska Airlines Douglas DC-3   N91008                (c/n   13977/25422)


                                                    Many years ago I received a set of photographs from the Alaska Airlines Public Relations folks
                                                    and each and every one of them was badly cropped.    This one is actually better than many of
                                                    those of their earlier historic types (American Pilgrim, Stinson A, Ford 4-ATC etc) and, since they
                                                    are so bad, I cannot, in good conscience, display them in my collection.    However, from what
                                                    can be seen of this DC-3, it does illustrate the more or less standard livery of the day. Having said
                                                    that, I have seen other photographs of Alaska DC-3s and most of them have slightly different mark-
                                                    ings.  i.e. there appeared to be no uniform standard in the early days.   Anyway, NC91008 was
                                                    an ex C-47A-30-DK (43-48161) acquired by Alaska in 1946.   It was on a positioning flight on
                                                    8 Aug 1954 when it struck a mountain 40 km north and west of McGrath, Alaska.  The crew of
                                                    two perished.