Alaska Airlines   Boeing 737-490   N792AS                         (c/n  28887)


                                     Alaska Airlines had operated the Boeing 727 (200 series) as far back as 1981.   In the early 1990s
                                     they ordered a substancial number (40+) of the improved dash 400 series.  N792AS was delivered
                                     in July of 1997.   It now exemplifies the growing number of airliners bearing "overall advertising" (like
                                     many city buses do).   In this case it is promoting "Wild Alaska Seafood" although just who the sponsor
                                     is I am not sure.  Probably the State of Alaska.   Anyway, Ben Wang captured it on short finals into
                                     LAX in November 2005 in the nice image illustrated above.           Bill Larkins' more conventionally
                                     liveried example (below) was caught on short finals into SFO in November 2013.

                                    Boeing 737-4Q8     N778AS                       (c/n  25110)