Alaska Airlines  Waco ZGC-7  NC17711                 (c/n  4555)

                                            When Alaska Star Airlines became Alaska Airlines in 1942 its inventory possessed a myriad of
                                            different types.  Waco cabin biplanes were prevalent among the fleet and illustrated here from the
                                            archives of the Museum of Alaska Transportation (via Lars Opland) are two examples of the very
                                            handsome ZGC-7 model.   Despite its elegant lines, the "Custom Cabin" as this model was known
                                            was a very rugged aircraft and ideal for the "bush" services the airline was providing at the time to
                                            small outlying communities.   Although the shot below of its sister ship is very grainy I am including
                                            it to illustrate that the orange livery of Star Airlines was perpetuated (at least for the small types) by
                                            Alaska Airlines.

                                                   Waco ZGC-7   NC17712      (c/n   4565)