Air Midwest  (USAir Express) Beech 1900D   N218YV         (c/n  UE-218)


                                   In 1991 Air Midwest was acquired by Mesa Air group and continued operations as a subsidiary
                                   of that company flying Beech 1900s with USAir Express liveries.   At one time Air Midwest could
                                   boast some 118 aircraft in its fleet.  This was reduced to 20 by 2007 and, I believe, by mid-2008
                                   Mesa announced plans to discontinue it completely.  As of writing (October 2008) I am not sure if
                                   Midwest is totally defunct, but even if it is not, it is a mere shadow of its former self.    The above
                                   phpto, by Art Brett of Photovation Images depicts a typical Air Midwest component inbound to
                                   Tampa International in September 2003 during more solvent times.    This particular 1900 was
                                   sold to Florida-based Gulfstream International Airlines.