ZK-AZJ  Piper PA-18A Super Cub               (c/n  18-1279)


                                               In 1954/55 the "in thing" world-wide was to paint an aircraft's rego in minuscule letters on
                                               the tail.  Sometimes on the fin, or, as in the case of this PA-18, on the rudder, thus making it
                                               almost impossible to decipher, even on a sharp shot like that above by Jim Dyson (courtesy
                                               of the David Molesworth collection).  In my own low grade photo below the rego cannot be
                                               read at all.  The US FAA put a stop to this ridiculous fashion in 1956 after TWA had painted
                                               three inch high numbers on the fins of its Lockheed 1649A Starliners. (Barely readable by
                                               standing under the tail and staring straight up).  That noble body edicted:  " Enough already......
                                               from now on in, all numbers must be at least 18 inches high and preferably on the fuselage".
                                               Anyway, back to ZK-AZJ.    This aircraft was the first "modern Piper" imported into New
                                               Zealand and it went to Airwork (NZ) Ltd of Christchurch.  Like many other US imports of
                                               the day, it was used in the agriculture industry.  To accommodate the hopper, the front seat
                                               was removed.   In 1962 it was converted back to a conventional two seater and is, in fact,
                                               still current today.