ZK-AZB  DHC-2 Beaver               (c/n   156)


                                                 Two poor shots of the same aircraft at the same time.   The mud on the fuselage of
                                                 this topdressing Beaver didn't enhance its appearance either.  Originally imported by
                                                 de Havilland New Zealand Ltd in October of 1951, this early Beaver went to Fieldair Ltd
                                                 of Gisborne.  It then operated as an agricultural aircraft for various outfits for the next
                                                 forty-seven years, before being exported to Australia becoming VH-WOZ.  Incredibly,
                                                 it is still in use today as a topdresser/crop duster.  Clearly it has led a charmed life.
                                                 Neil Aird provides the superb contemporary image of it (bottom of page) taken in April
                                                 2005 as proof that this old bird looks better than ever. For more photos and a cute video
                                                 clip of the aircraft on short finals to an outback strip go to Neil's website at