ZK-AZA   Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                  (c/n  15699/27144)


                                              Ex C-47B-20-DK 43-49883, and RNZAF NZ3531.  Released to NZNAC as ZK-AZA in 1951.
                                              Loaned to Fiji Airways as VQ-FAJ.  After its return it was converted to Skyliner status and named
                                              'Rotorua' in 1963.  David Molesworth's shot above (the machine in the background is ZK-AYK)
                                              was taken at Wellington in early 1967.  It again went to Fiji Airways in 1967, this time as VQ-FBF.
                                              When that airline became Air Pacific in 1971 it was re-registered DQ-FBF.    It returned to NZNAC
                                              in 1972 and its previous identity of ZK-AZA was retained.  It was then sold to James Aviation as a
                                              topdresser, and retired from active duty in 1979.  Four years later it was broken up at Ardmore and
                                              parts of it were sent to the Cook Islands for use in a film production.