ZK-AYL  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                     (c/n  14563/26008)


                                                 Taken on the same day as ZK-AYK with equally pathetic results.  The thing is, I don't
                                                 see any other better images out there for these NZNAC DC-3s.   Anyway, sister ship
                                                 to ZK-AYK.  Was a C-47B-5-DK, serial number 43-48747, NZ3527 in the RNZAF.
                                                 To NZNAC in 1951 as ZK-AKL (originally named 'Piwakawaka' and later 'Whatatane').
                                                 Converted to DC3-C Skyliner status in 1964 and named 'Skyliner Hastings' and later
                                                 'Skyliner Timaru'. Sold to Lao Airlines in Vientiane as XW-TDH in 1968. Sold in USA as
                                                 N8056 and registered to Somerset Area Vocational School, Somerset, Kentucky, USA
                                                 from 1971-1975, probably as an instructional airframe.  Further details and ultimate fate