ZK-AYK  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G         (c/n    14561/26006)


                                                 The above shot is from the Sam Buys collection, and was taken shortly after the DC-3 had
                                                 been civilianized, registered to NZNAC and named 'Parekareka' in 1952     ZK-AYK was
                                                 formerly the C-47B-5-DK 43-48745 which, when assigned to the Royal New Zealand Air
                                                 Force, became NZ3525.     In 1963 it was converted to a DC3-C Skyliner and renamed
                                                 'Tauranga'.   The shot below of it after conversion to Skyliner standard was taken by David
                                                 Molesworth in 1967.  The aircraft was withdrawn from NZNAC service in 1968 and sold to
                                                 Lao Airlines in Vientiane as XW-TDO. It was written off on 29 June 1970.