ZK-AYH  Bristol Freighter 31                        (c/n  12828)


                                                    Built as G-AINM, but sold to SAFE in 1951 as ZK-AYH and named 'Endeavour'. (It probably
                                                    never carried the UK rego).  The aircraft was totally destroyed in a crash at Christchurch on
                                                    21 Nov 1957 when the outer starboard wing seperated and the machine fell on to the Russley
                                                    Golf Course, erupting in a ball of flame.  The failure was traced to fatigue failure in a wing spar
                                                    bolt hole.   The two crew and two passengers aboard were killed.  The photograph above was
                                                    taken by Jim Dyson, circa 1952 and is shown here courtesy of the David Molesworth collection.