ZK-AYG  Bristol Freighter 31                                (c/n  12826)


                                                  This Freighter was actually the first production Mark 31 Freighter, identifiable from the early
                                                  version by its dorsal fin, clearly visible in the above shot by James Dyson (from the David
                                                  Molesworth collection).   It
first flew with the Class B registration G-18-92 and was ostensibly
                                                  to have been G-AINK.   In the event it went straight to the RAF as WH575.   It was later sold
                                                  to Straits Air Freight Express in April of 1951 becoming ZK-AYG.  This airline provided car
                                                  transportation between the North and South Islands commencing in the1950s.  It changed its
                                                  corporate title in 1967 becoming SAFE Air, as David Molesworth's beautiful shot (below) ,
                                                  taken in that year, illustrates.   ZK-AWG was re-registered ZK-CWF in 1968 and eventually
                                                  broken up.  However, the cockpit survives and is now part of the entrance to the Ferrymead
                                                  Historic Park in Christchurch.