ZK-AXY  Avro 652A Anson XII                              (c/n


                                                    Avro Ansons were thin in the skies over New Zealand, unlike its Antipodean neighbour to the
                                                    west which had oodles of them.  This particular machine itself came from Australia in 1948 and
                                                    was used by the British High Commission in Wellington (operated for them by the RNZAF) with
                                                    the RAF serial PH599.  It was declared surplus in 1951 and was sold to Southern Scenic Air
                                                    Services who used it for passenger services until 1955 when it was replaced by a DH Dominie.
                                                    Its registration was cancelled in 1961.    It is seen above immediately after being demobbed, and
                                                    the RAF roundel can still be traced.